These days the Indian grooms don’t hesitate to experiment with their outfits, from bright sherwanis to even brighter Safas. Yes, we had to talk about that! The Safas can range from a vibrant fuchsia to red and sometimes an elaborately embellished one too.

We all know, a groom’s attire in North India is incomplete without this element and thus you definitely need some solid inspiration when it comes to choosing one for yourself, and if the ladies are reading it  – take cue for your beau!

1. Dare to carry off florals on your head like this man right here?

2. Colours that match your personality, for sure!

3. This lined Safa is all you need to be in the spotlight!

4. The powder blue that speaks of his confidence to everyone!

5. A soft peach Safa that coordinates with the bride’s lehenga!

6. The classic maroon Safa with tiny bootis complements the golden sherwani!

7. The embellished royal red Safa that gives your personality an edge!